Cacimler İnşaat ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi was founded in 1985 by Hüsamettin CACİM and his sons. Our company has been established in order to gather the individual works that it has committed in the best way since the 1970s under one roof.

Thanks to the experience and working principle from the past and taking into consideration the growth policy, our company increasingly continues construction activities in the different regions of our country with its educated and expert staff, hundreds of employees, dozens of working areas, large and well-equipped vehicle parks.

Our company contributes to the national economy with the investments it has made and the employment power it creates in the regions where it works, and follows a policy aiming at the highest level of success and quality in service.

Our Mission

As Cacimler Group, which has determined the principle and disciplined work as appropriate for today's conditions, to be among the best national and global companies in its sector.

Our Vision

To become a brand at home and abroad with its technique, quality and service mainly in mining and construction fields and other sectors in which we operate.

Activity Areas

Construction Industry and Mining

To participate in tenders of Republic of Turkey Ministries and the ministry official institutions, public enterprises, state-owned enterprise, public economic organizations, public budget departments, local governments, municipalities, building societies, buildings put out to tender in the country by the private sector and abroad, electrical, plumbing , road, water, sewerage, natural gas, infrastructure, superstructure, decoration, restoration works, rebuilding or repairing,

To undertake all kinds of Banks, Bank General Directorate, Mass Housing and estates, schools, hospitals, airports, harbors, irrigation canals, bridges, tunnels, roads, road line works, roadside barriers, industrial and factory construction works,

Constructing all kinds of public works, highway, railway canal, bridge, tunnel, culvert, harbor, dock, pool, dam, retaining wall, river arrangement, irrigation facility constructions,

All kinds of constructions, residential, public housing, road, bridge, dam, port, drilling well, factory, workshop, warehouse, sports facilities, sewerage, treatment plants, construction of drinking water pipes and warehouses, construction of public buildings.